Deep 13

by Allofher Twitch

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released February 14, 2002

written & performed by James "feildmouse" Hughey
except for "Too Soon" written & performed by Scab Rust & FM
produced & mixed by James "feildmouse" Hughey
recorded @ Mourning Vanessa Studios
cover art arranged by Ashe Corwell
cover photo taken by Drew Booth & Katarinara Torrez
©2002, Kill Myself Music/Envelope Records


all rights reserved



Allofher Twitch Nashville

Allofher Twitch is a Nashville-based trio creating music in the styles of Industrial, Ebm, and various other genres. Founded by vocalist and multi-instrumentalist James "feildmouse" Hughey in 2002, Allofher Twitch have since expanded to include Mark Cyst on Keys and additional vocals as well as Michelle Keith on Bass and flute. ... more

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Track Name: Trail
i could listen to this world insisting on a change
something that could possibly find room to rearrange
but all that's left is for me to cry
there's only room in this existance for me to die
i'm twisting around
bring about time for the riotwing
bring about time for the riotwing
time for the riotwing
pray for me, pray for you
pray for old, pray for new
pray to every god left in your eyes
pray for the deities who fell from the sky
i'm twisting around
bring about time for the riotwing
bring about time for the riotwing
time for the riotwing
Track Name: Waiting For Dreams
i wake up and i'm still dead
you're sorry, i'm sorry, aren't we all?
you dropped the plate in order to save the cup
it was a pretty big fucking mistake
because the ants always come
and it seems like they never go away

simple enough i'm tired
living sucking breathing away from me
be a somebody
be an individual
be different just like everybody else
living sucking breathing away from me
it's time to go
it's time to go
anything can grow
Track Name: Too Soon
when is it time for me to say goodnight?
when is it time for me to kick you out?
when is it time for me to say goodnight?
i say it's time because you're getting too loud

and when i look to the moon
and all that i see is
a world of hell that is doomed
it's too soon
too soon
for me

what would you like me to say dear child?
i'm running, i'm running, i've been running all night
don't expect the words you hear to be mild
i stopped running on this night (so fuck off)

i turn around and you're still here
look in my eyes and you'll see fear
the state you've claimed is just a mere
step of faith and you've slipped in my tears

your fucking faith will kill us all someday
Track Name: Window
setting fire, simple picture stain
breath for me as i speak your name
something different, something new
she's telling lies but still she speaks the truth

let me sit
steaming shit
kill me for
the fuck of it
let it flow
let it go
you've shattered me through
your window
and scar my brain
you sing, you act, you speak it's all the same

picture this another tainted silent stream
leaving me alone another tangled dream
pray for life, what makes you think he'll answer you?
pray all night and save this pain for morning dew

pry yourself through pleasure
now pry me cause i can't be sure
pry yourself enjoy the moment though
you've shattered me through your window
Track Name: A Line Inbetween
drain me
leave me
on your t.v.
there's more to see
and there's less that you can ever be
i hate you
rape you
or is it a fake you
the blasphemy you do
or would you like to take me too?

what is it you want with a life that's fraud?
in trauma you learn
but in drama you burn
when there's no one left for you will you still smoke your god?
on the day that i turn
put my ashes in the urn
i'm free

free to ignore a world that's right in front of me
free to live life each day in hopes that you will see
knowing there's more to your door than this rusty key
when my third eye screams in your face then i'm free

free riding antics
and violent mechanics
may save you from the panics
of the life that you see
oral foaming collies
and naked sinning dollies
are not considered follies
once you get to know me

don't hate me because i'm real

don't hate me because i'm not even there

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