Allofher Twitch EP

by Allofher Twitch

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(free) 04:24


released September 15, 2009

written & performed by James "feildmouse" Hughey
except "Useless Thorns" written & performed by James & Scab Rust
sample at the end of "Pandora's Box" taken from "Painted" a play by Sara Crawford
performed by Ethan Monsour and Meredith Loos
recorded @ Mourning Vanessa Studios
produced by James Hughey
mixed & mastered by Adam Gaskins
cover art by Jason Barrett
published by Offbrand Music (ASCAP)
track 6 remixed by Bram Gieben
track 7 remixed by Jed Drotar
track 8 remixed by Mark Cyst
track 9 remixed by Nathaneal Ross Ells




Allofher Twitch Nashville

Allofher Twitch is a Nashville-based trio creating music in the styles of Industrial, Ebm, and various other genres. Founded by vocalist and multi-instrumentalist James "feildmouse" Hughey in 2002, Allofher Twitch have since expanded to include Mark Cyst on Keys and additional vocals as well as Michelle Keith on Bass and flute. ... more

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Track Name: Useless Thorns
you're living a lie in your halloween mask
and you're wanting some guy so you take up the task
to cover your imperfections
you've got to get that first impression
cause what if he doesn't like you?
if he ever sees the real you

and somehow the ignorance and the shallowness in his mind is worth it
to go out covered up in your disguise and deny the truth that

god protects your beauty
like a thorn on a rose
there's no need for clay now baby
there's enough dirt on your soul

you're looking at me in all of my glory
if you like what you see and want to hear my story
honesty is your best bet girl
cause i'll see into your sad world
and who cares if i don't like you?
it may be because i've never even met you

and somehow the ignorance and the shallowness in your mind won't stop you
you'll go out in your great disguise and you'll physically lie to the world around you

you were a rose for everyone to see
and now you're nothing more than a fashion accessory
and now your thorns are useless
your petals have wilted away
because you buried your beauty
in so much of this worthless clay
Track Name: Pandora's Box
i hope against hopes that it's not true
that you didn't hate me as much as i loved you
but i knew it had to happen just one of these days
and i would be reminded of your stinging ways
so just try on the glove and see if it fits
in your pandora's box of your lies and secrets

well maybe i'm a fool for going along
maybe i'm an idiot for not being strong
because i knew you were a liar since the first time i heard it
maybe through my ignorance i thought you were worth it
but i'll probably feel better when time lets it set
on your pandora's box where i'll find no regret

i've given up on entertaining you
i've given up on your lies
enlightened by the world surrounding me
and shunning you from the skies

so i wonder why i think these thoughts again
trailin' my mind to it's original sin
i can't see the lines between lies and truth
through all of your ignorant acts of youth
your bullshit's making my head spin
within the box you've placed me in
Track Name: Pretty Girl
nothing could stop my wandering eyes
until i hit a block i saw an angel in disguise
a fallen beauty perfect in all ways i could see
i'd soon forgotten just how deadly she could be

that pretty girl
from a future i'm quite afraid of
no one can tell me otherwise
when i say you were sent from above

she whispered to me told me how much she cared
sang me to shore and distorted all my affairs
altered my way of thinking, i saw a different light
before i learned to fly i already tried to take flight

that pretty girl
from a world that i never knew
no one could tell me otherwise
when i say i only want you

this life
my mind
heeds warnings that i normally would obey
don't make me say
what i am so afraid of
this life
my mind
the pain inside that i dare not try to find
don't make me stay
and prove them right again

that pretty girl
from a future i'm quite afraid of
no one can tell me otherwise
when i say you were sent from above
she's a pretty girl
from a world that i never knew
no one can tell me otherwise
when i say i only want you

no one could tell me otherwise
your a pretty girl, a pretty girl
no one could tell me otherwise
when i say i only want you
Track Name: Say My Name
if i could be your Arthur
and you my Gwenivere
i'd always treat you like a goddess
and keep you safe when you are near
balladic lifestyles of the faithful
pretty faces drive away
they play their part we get the credit
and i don't even like the play

so save it for someone who'll read your book
and then forget the time it took
to make you realize what you could gain
if you could only say my name
if you could only say my name

they'll continue to use you for your temple
you'll continue to speak of your desire
and it'll continue 'til the end of days
'cause you won't let anybody lift you higher
higher than just my eyes can see
where the heavens still exist
why must you let your tears drop girl?
it's you who chose to ignore this

if you could only say my name
you'd mispronounce it all the same
and cry cause you won't find that knight
who'll love you, hold you, treat you right
you just move on wind in your hair
and talk of how your life's not fair
'cause love's so tragic it made you lame
and you don't even know my name

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